Community Gardens Update

The Community Group has completed the initial stages of setting up a Community Garden. Carroll Crumpen (who lives on the Bellway part of the development) is leading the project and a location was identified in the summer of 2020 which has become home to the project.

This Community Garden is for the use of the whole Channels community and we have been awarded £400 from the Community Initiative Fund which can be used to purchase plants, wild flower seeds and tools. It is a community garden, so it should be for the community to decide how it is developed.

Take a look at the full update and please do get involved by submitting your ideas or by volunteering to assist taking the project forward.

Happy New Year! 🙂

Lottery Competition!

Just to show that it’s worth being a part of, there were 96 winners in the last draw, one of which was a supporter of the Channels Community Group! You can find the full results here.

Competition! If you enter before 19th December, you have the chance to win 1 of 5 entertainment bundles in the national draw!

So don’t forget that you can play from just £1 per week and 50% of proceeds for all tickets sold from the CRCG Essex Lottery Page comes to us plus 10% goes to other good causes in Essex!

The CRCG appreciates your support and good luck! 🙂

Community Benches (Fountain Lake)

There are two new benches situated in a secluded position over-looking the fountain lake on the Eagle Rise/Aqua Verde part of the development for everyone to use and enjoy.

In late Spring we became aware of some available grant funding (Essex County Council Locality Fund) and following a discussion with County Councillor John Aldridge, he very kindly recommended that an award should be made for the provision of two benches.

A formal application was made at the end of July and within a week the CRCG had funds with which to order two benches for use by the community. When we asked for feedback about ideas for use of grant funding, a number of responses asked for benches over-looking the lake hence the proposal put to Councillor John Aldridge.

The CRCG would also like to thank directors of the Eagle Rise/Aqua Verde Residents Management Company (CCMC Ltd) for allowing the benches to be sited on their land.

The benches are durable, weather resistant, vandal proof and low maintenance. They are environmentally friendly being made from recycled materials and have a rustic look.

Enjoy 🙂

Andrew Wright
Channels Residents Community Group

CRCG joins the Essex Lottery!

The Community Group is now a recognised ‘good cause’ and is part of the Essex Lottery! This means that you can buy tickets, have a chance of winning £25,000 and 50% of all ticket proceeds will come to the CRCG to further its aims & objectives for the benefit of the local community 🙂

Just pop over to the CRCG Essex Lottery Page, become a supporter and buy some tickets!

Good luck 🙂

Have Your Say!

As previously flagged, the Community Group is applying for a Grant from the Community Initiative Fund to enhance our communal spaces.

It’s really important to gather comments and ideas from the community so if you want to know more or want to add to those already suggested by residents, take a look at the latest update here.

Ideally we would have circulated some form of leaflet/questionnaire however the timescale for completion of the application will not allow for this. So, have a chat to your neighbours about it, discuss the list of ideas currently on the short list and get involved by giving us your thoughts!

A suggestions form can be found here!

Your Community Needs You!

We need someone (or even better a small team) that can assist in heading up the delivery of an exciting project for our community.

The Community Group is applying to the Community Initiative Fund to further develop some of the communal land which would create spaces suitable for future events and to generally enhance the areas for all residents to enjoy year round.

We can apply to the Community Initiative Fund for up to £10,000 for a project that can:

  • create, procure or develop new community assets​
  • enhance existing community assets
  • enhance or develop initiatives that strengthen a community, including cultural initiatives
  • develop local capability

Projects need to highlight the benefit to the wider community and show that community engagement and co-production has occurred in the design and delivery of the project, demonstrating a real community need.

An expression of interest form has already been submitted and we have now been invited to complete a full application form.

Our project lead would work with the various CRCG sub-committees and other community partners to complete the full application form (deadline 16th August 2020) and progress the project to full implementation.

If you are interested in getting involved in this exciting opportunity, drop us an e-mail via the form below:

Christmas at Channels!

With the festive season not that far away, the Community Group Social Unity Committee is working to bring something a little bit special to Channels again this year.

With the support of those working across the development, and at the Channels Estate, we will see the installation of a lit Christmas tree on the communal green area between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde. All being well, we will also have a marquee erected (purchased with our grant) so that if the weather is as unkind as it was in 2018, the fun can continue!

We welcome you and your family to join us on Sunday 15th December from 3.00pm when the Christmas tree will be the focal point for festivities.

Plans are underway for fun and games, local business stalls, mulled wine, refreshments, a minced pie bake off competition, a raffle and most importantly a Christmas sing along!

If you want to get involved in assisting making our event a success, do get in touch via: www.Channels.Community/Xmas-Help

We look forward to seeing you all on the green from 3.00pm on Sunday 15th December 🙂

CRCG Social Unity Committee

The CRCG Needs YOU!

The current Committee members have spent a significant amount of their personal time progressing a number of key issues including improvement of estates, sorting the unreliable buses, starting neighbourhood watch, securing our first community grant and of course appointment of a new Managing Agent (POD Management Ltd).

However it is now more important than ever that as many people as possible get involved in helping to build a strong community. The CRCG Aims can only be achieved with the involvement of the local community and this is your chance to shape the future for Bellway at Channels.

We need you to get involved and be part of something special!

Take a look at the brief for each of the sub-committees and if there is an area you are interested in and want to be involved with, get in touch!

The names of all those that have pledged to get involved will be collated at the end of October and individuals will be allocated to their respective sub-committees based on the preferences advised. Each sub-committee will then be tasked with taking forward their work under the leadership of the relevant CRCG Committee Member.

The CRCG Committee looks forward to working with you 🙂

Developing a Dementia Friendly Community

It is currently estimated that a person is formally diagnosed with Dementia every 3 minutes. Dementia is one of the key issues for our political leadership, health, social care and local government. With this in mind communities need to understand what is required to help and support friends, relatives and neighbours in future years.

As a Parish Councillor and resident, I have worked with Little Waltham Parish Council to arrange for Mark Neville of the Alzheimer’s Society (Essex) to present a ‘Dementia Friends and Action Session’, which will provide information on the issues faced by people living with Dementia, their loved ones and carers.

As we build our community and plan for the future, we need to be generally more inclusive which means ensuring that services across the area are aware of local requirements, that they meet their legal duties under the Equality Act and that they help us to develop Dementia Friendly Communities.

The session will enable those attending to gain a greater knowledge of Dementia and how to deal with the challenges it presents:

  • Gain a greater awareness of the challenges people with Dementia may face;
  • Understand the difficulties carers and loved ones can experience;
  • Develop transferable skills, i.e. meeting the requirements of people with Dementia will also help in meeting the needs of other marginalised groups

The session will take place at The Tufnell Hall, The Street, Little Waltham, CM3 3NY commencing 7.30 pm on 10th October 2019 and the bar will be open with refreshments on sale from 7.00pm.

For further information please contact:
Suzanne Walker, Parish Clerk
Telephone: 01376 331251 or email

You can download a flyer here and please do make others aware of what will be a very informative and useful event:

Melanie Williamson
Channels Residents Community Group