Mission Statement
To develop and maintain an all-inclusive, healthy and vibrant community through involvement with residents who want to make a positive difference to where they live.

Our core aims are as follows:

Social Unity
We will facilitate, promote and support integration across all segments of the community with the over-arching aim of encouraging residents and neighbours to meet, interact and grow their community together.

Health and Wellbeing
We will encourage and facilitate the establishment of healthy living groups such as walking, running and cycling clubs to encourage people to get out of their homes and exercise using the infrastructure network that has been provided both on the Channels development and surrounding areas.

Estate & Amenities Management
We will work with key stakeholders to continually enhance, and promote the use of, all communal areas and services which do not belong to an individual and which must be maintained for the benefit of all.

Environment & Biodiversity
We will work with key stakeholders to manage all communal land to ensure compliance with ecology plans, as required by planning conditions, and with a view to continually enhancing wildlife and biodiversity wherever possible.

Safer Communities
We will promote neighbourliness, good citizenship and community spirit by encouraging residents to work together to create a safe, attractive and friendly place to live; a neighbourhood where crime is less likely to happen and where people are less likely to turn to anti-social behaviour.

Dementia Friendly
We will develop a community where people with dementia are well respected and which encourages everyone to share responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.

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