CIF Grant Application

The Community Group is applying to the Community Initiative Fund to further develop some of the communal land with a view to creating spaces suitable for future events and to generally enhance the areas for all residents to enjoy year round. We can apply to the Community Initiative Fund for up to £10,000 for a project that can:

  • create, procure or develop new community assets​
  • enhance existing community assets
  • enhance or develop initiatives that strengthen a community, including cultural initiatives
  • develop local capability

The essence of the application is:

“to focus on the growth of the community through enhancement of the surrounding environment (land and facilities), the sharing of information about the community, activities and services with an overall focus on participation and inclusion.”

Community Engagement

One of the pre-requisites for making the application is demonstration of engagement with the local community. We are currently working with the list of ideas as outlined below, in no particular order, all of which have been flagged by residents at some stage:

  • Lights in the big oak tree between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde with bespoke ‘fitted’ benches around it;
  • Shed/Outbuilding for CRCG equipment (such as the Marquee);
  • Procurement of a portable generator to facilitate community events;
  • Irrigation system for the central communal area between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde to ensure grass can be maintained healthily all year round;
  • Improvement of the lake that leads into Eagle Rise/Aqua Verde to stop water leaking out (so the fountain can be kept running all year);
  • Establishment of flower beds and wild flower areas with information/nature boards across the entire development;
  • Installation of a defibrillator at an appropriate location;
  • Creation of some community gardens and/or growing points in unused grass areas across the development;
  • Bird Nesting Boxes and feeders at appropriate locations across the development;
  • CCTV in key strategic locations to deter and prevent crime/anti-social behaviour;
  • Procurement of a digital system for holding virtual community meetings;

The above ideas will need to be firmed up and costed meaning they may not all make it into the final application. In addition we may not necessarily be awarded the full £10k meaning that some further prioritisation will need to take place. However if you have any additional ideas, suggestions or comments, please submit them using the form below:

Next Steps
The full application needs to be made by the middle of August meaning we don’t have much time so if you do have any thoughts, don’t be afraid to submit them at the earliest opportunity. If you want to help with the application or implementation of the project should we be successful, you can get in touch here.

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