Your Community Needs You!

We need someone (or even better a small team) that can assist in heading up the delivery of an exciting project for our community.

The Community Group is applying to the Community Initiative Fund to further develop some of the communal land which would create spaces suitable for future events and to generally enhance the areas for all residents to enjoy year round.

We can apply to the Community Initiative Fund for up to £10,000 for a project that can:

  • create, procure or develop new community assets​
  • enhance existing community assets
  • enhance or develop initiatives that strengthen a community, including cultural initiatives
  • develop local capability

Projects need to highlight the benefit to the wider community and show that community engagement and co-production has occurred in the design and delivery of the project, demonstrating a real community need.

An expression of interest form has already been submitted and we have now been invited to complete a full application form.

Our project lead would work with the various CRCG sub-committees and other community partners to complete the full application form (deadline 16th August 2020) and progress the project to full implementation.

If you are interested in getting involved in this exciting opportunity, drop us an e-mail via the form below:

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