Christmas Event

Don’t forget our Christmas event is now just 1 week away! We have taken delivery of a large marquee (so who cares if it rains!) and our tree will be installed during the coming week.

We look forward to seeing you all on the communal green area between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde from 3.00pm on Sunday 15th December 🙂

Christmas at Channels!

With the festive season not that far away, the Community Group Social Unity Committee is working to bring something a little bit special to Channels again this year.

With the support of those working across the development, and at the Channels Estate, we will see the installation of a lit Christmas tree on the communal green area between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde. All being well, we will also have a marquee erected (purchased with our grant) so that if the weather is as unkind as it was in 2018, the fun can continue!

We welcome you and your family to join us on Sunday 15th December from 3.00pm when the Christmas tree will be the focal point for festivities.

Plans are underway for fun and games, local business stalls, mulled wine, refreshments, a minced pie bake off competition, a raffle and most importantly a Christmas sing along!

If you want to get involved in assisting making our event a success, do get in touch via: www.Channels.Community/Xmas-Help

We look forward to seeing you all on the green from 3.00pm on Sunday 15th December 🙂

CRCG Social Unity Committee

Developing a Dementia Friendly Community

It is currently estimated that a person is formally diagnosed with Dementia every 3 minutes. Dementia is one of the key issues for our political leadership, health, social care and local government. With this in mind communities need to understand what is required to help and support friends, relatives and neighbours in future years.

As a Parish Councillor and resident, I have worked with Little Waltham Parish Council to arrange for Mark Neville of the Alzheimer’s Society (Essex) to present a ‘Dementia Friends and Action Session’, which will provide information on the issues faced by people living with Dementia, their loved ones and carers.

As we build our community and plan for the future, we need to be generally more inclusive which means ensuring that services across the area are aware of local requirements, that they meet their legal duties under the Equality Act and that they help us to develop Dementia Friendly Communities.

The session will enable those attending to gain a greater knowledge of Dementia and how to deal with the challenges it presents:

  • Gain a greater awareness of the challenges people with Dementia may face;
  • Understand the difficulties carers and loved ones can experience;
  • Develop transferable skills, i.e. meeting the requirements of people with Dementia will also help in meeting the needs of other marginalised groups

The session will take place at The Tufnell Hall, The Street, Little Waltham, CM3 3NY commencing 7.30 pm on 10th October 2019 and the bar will be open with refreshments on sale from 7.00pm.

For further information please contact:
Suzanne Walker, Parish Clerk
Telephone: 01376 331251 or email

You can download a flyer here and please do make others aware of what will be a very informative and useful event:

Melanie Williamson
Channels Residents Community Group

Community Grant Award

The CRCG is pleased to announce that the Bellway at Channels Development (Phases 1&2) has been awarded a Community Initiative Fund (CIF) Microgrant from the ‘Community Chest’.

The CIF was launched by Essex County Council (ECC) on 1st April 2019 and is administered by the Essex Association of Local Councils (EALC). The Grant has been awarded to enable the purchase of a marquee to support community events and activities into the future.

The CRCG, on behalf of the entire community, would like to show their appreciation for the generosity and give thanks to those involved in the awarding of the grant including the CIF Panel, Councillor David Finch (the leader of Essex County Council) and the EALC funding officer.

The CRCG have also been successful with a pre-application checklist submission for a Main Community Initiative Fund Grant. The full application is due on 18th August and the CRCG would be grateful for volunteers to assist in the completion of the bid.

If you are interested and are willing to assist with finalising the budget and application, please contact us via the form below:

Information submitted via the above form will be held only for the purpose of ensuring residents can be contacted about the CIF Grant submission.

With thanks to Melanie Williamson & Carroll Crumpen who have worked over recent weeks to open a CRCG Bank Account (with Metro Bank) and to get the ball rolling in securing grant funding for our community.

Community News

Channels Summer Event
As you may recall, we have been working with Channels Estates to facilitate a joint summer event for residents. The recent ‘Summer Fest’ event that Channels ran was a great success however it did highlight some unforeseen issues, primarily that visitors (and playing children) were wandering around the wedding garden whilst wedding events were taking place.

As such whilst we will work with Channels on the coordination of events where possible over the coming year, it has been agreed that until further works are completed to formalise the boundaries between the Village Green and the Bar/Wedding areas, it would not be practical to host community events on the Village Green.

We are therefore looking to hold a late summer event, probably early September, on our own area of land (between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde). Those residents that have offered help have been contacted to get the ball rolling again however if anyone else wants to get involved, simply fill in the form here and someone will be in touch!

Nursery Site Update
We have been advised that whilst contractual discussions are taking place with a company that wants to take on the Nursery site, there are a number of legal issues to be resolved and as such it is unlikely that any building work will commence for another 12 months. On this basis Bellway will prepare the area so that it is left as managed grassland with a ‘paddock’ fence around the perimeter to prevent access.

Community Micro Grant Funding
An application, led by Melanie Williamson, has been made for a community micro grant to support a programme of community activity throughout 2019/20. The grant on this occasion will assist in supporting the purchase of a marquee to support delivery of community hosted activities around the development. This will form part of a wider proposed project to enable Channels to evolve from merely a location with lots of new houses to an all-inclusive, vibrant community (keep an eye out for more news on this).

Neighbourhood Watch
Steve Leverett, Chelmsford Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, attended the Little Waltham Parish Council Meeting on 4th July to raise awareness of the benefits from belonging to a local Neighbourhood Watch. Don’t forget that we have a local scheme running and you can find more about it and the benefits of getting involved here. For those that have not yet signed up, you can do so here. Our NHW Co-ordinator (John Buckberry) will bring you a window sticker and you will receive useful updates via e-mail.

Broomfield Parish Council Links
As you will be aware, the Bellway phases of Channels currently sit within the Broomfield Parish which receives a not insignificant sum of money each year from our Council Tax. The majority of the Bellway phase has been here for well over 2 years and yet we have seen no local benefit. We have made contact with Broomfield Parish Council to ask whether there is potentially any access to funding that we could use for our locality.

Examples could include the installation of benches placed at strategic locations around the development, perhaps some small items of public art (much like the little wood carvings across Beaulieu) and to assist in funding our summer event as part of the work to develop the local community.

Progress is slow however we will continue to pursue the possibilities that may be open to us with Broomfield Parish Council until such time that we finally become part of the Little Waltham Parish.

As always, sign up to follow the website and encourage all your neighbours to do the same and you will kept up to date with everything that is happening in and around your community 🙂

Andrew Wright
Channels Residents Community Group

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