Community Benches (Site Wide Land)

If you walk around the “Western Mitigation Area” at the western end of the Bellway Eagle Rise phase, you will now find 4 benches installed around the lake. We have been pushing for these to be installed by the landowners for the last year and whilst it has taken longer than we would have liked, the benches are now in place for everyone to enjoy. The location of the Western Mitigation Area and the benches are shown below:

The “Western Mitigation Area” is part of development-wide communal land and as such it not owned by any of the phase specific Residents Management Companies. Whilst planning conditions dictated that the land had to be kept for use of residents it is still private land and if it is mistreated (for example leaving dog waste and/or litter), the land owners could potentially restrict our access to it.

So, have a wander down to the Western Mitigation Area (part of which is a wildlife conversation area) and enjoy the new benches!


Bird Feeders Project

As you may be aware, we are taking forward a Community Garden Project and linked to this was a proposal to install bird feeders and bird boxes across the development to encourage more birds.

A natural bird feeder station, which will eventually be concreted in, has been installed along the southern border of Eagle Rise as an initial test so that we can monitor the way that wildlife reacts to it.

So far the cats don’t seem interested, the squirrel has not found it, and the pigeons cannot access the feeders! The birds have gone mad accessing it mostly during the day, but particularly first thing in the morning.

If the initial test feeding station proves successful longer term, the plan will be to install more bird feeders around the development at suitable locations.

We would also like to introduce an “adopt a bird feeder” system, so if anyone is interested in being involved with this, or if anyone has suggestions for additional locations, please do make contact via the form below. Please do not install anything without checking that the location is appropriate!

Information submitted via the above form will be used only for the purpose of contacting volunteers in relation to the Bird Feeders project.

Carroll Crumpen
Channels Residents Community Group

North East Bypass & Station Update

You can currently view updates from ECC about the release of plans for the Chelmsford North East Bypass and Beaulieu Station through a specially created ‘virtual village hall’ event following the award of £218million of Government funding for the schemes.

To find out more information about the schemes please visit the Chelmsford North East Bypass website and visit the exhibition as if you were attending in person at the following link:

The virtual exhibition is optimised and therefore best viewed on a desktop/laptop rather than a mobile device.

Community News

Construction Site Issues
Since the re-start of construction work following the easing of lock-down, many residents have flagged an unacceptable increase in dust, noise and vibration from the sites operating around us.

As a result we made contact with Planning Officers at Chelmsford City Council to ensure they were aware of the issues and to ask whether anything could be done to mitigate against them and reduce the impact on the surrounding area. Our concerns were also brought to the attention of local City Councillors.

The City Council has taken the concerns seriously and the Principal Planning Officer has fully briefed their Public Health team and an officer has been asigned who will fully investigate our concerns and those already aired by other Channels residents.

There is more detail, including a summary of responses from developers and some updates on construction working hours, here.

Essex Police: Do Even More Online
Essex Police are offering new online services to those who live in, work in and visit Essex, making it even easier to contact the local police service.

From 3rd June, you will be able to do much more via the Essex Police website like reporting anti-social behaviour, requesting information about yourself or others, notifying about something you have seen or heard, or asking to talk to someone about an existing case you are involved in or report you have made.

There is also ‘Live Chat’, a new online text facility where you can message an operator online, live, between the hours of 7.00am and 11.00pm.

More information about the new services can be found here.

Gardening Club
There is a new local group for anyone that is interested in gardening and plants! At present, and as the club is just starting up, membership is open to residents from Eagle Rise and Aqua Verde (Bellway).

If you are interested in joining, visit the Gardening Club page, fill in the form and someone will be in touch!

Chelmsford North East Bypass Update
Engagement on this scheme was planned for this Spring however because of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, this engagement and events have now been postponed. It is hoped that Essex County Council will be able to proceed with the scheme engagement later in the year once the situation eases.

In the meantime updated information is available here.

Phased Re-Opening of Libraries
Essex County Council is preparing a phased approach to re-open libraries in line with Government guidelines. The library in Chelmsford will be included in the initial phase with limited opening and restrictions as from 6th July.

You can find out more information here.
COVID-19 Test and Trace
The NHS Test and Trace service has now started contacting people who have been in close contact with confirmed coronavirus cases. Make sure you self-isolate for 14 days if you are alerted that you have been exposed to someone with coronavirus.

More advice and information can be found here #StayAlert

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