Bird Feeders Project

As you may be aware, we are taking forward a Community Garden Project and linked to this was a proposal to install bird feeders and bird boxes across the development to encourage more birds.

A natural bird feeder station, which will eventually be concreted in, has been installed along the southern border of Eagle Rise as an initial test so that we can monitor the way that wildlife reacts to it.

So far the cats don’t seem interested, the squirrel has not found it, and the pigeons cannot access the feeders! The birds have gone mad accessing it mostly during the day, but particularly first thing in the morning.

If the initial test feeding station proves successful longer term, the plan will be to install more bird feeders around the development at suitable locations.

We would also like to introduce an “adopt a bird feeder” system, so if anyone is interested in being involved with this, or if anyone has suggestions for additional locations, please do make contact via the form below. Please do not install anything without checking that the location is appropriate!

Information submitted via the above form will be used only for the purpose of contacting volunteers in relation to the Bird Feeders project.

Carroll Crumpen
Channels Residents Community Group

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