Community Benches (Site Wide Land)

If you walk around the “Western Mitigation Area” at the western end of the Bellway Eagle Rise phase, you will now find 4 benches installed around the lake. We have been pushing for these to be installed by the landowners for the last year and whilst it has taken longer than we would have liked, the benches are now in place for everyone to enjoy. The location of the Western Mitigation Area and the benches are shown below:

The “Western Mitigation Area” is part of development-wide communal land and as such it not owned by any of the phase specific Residents Management Companies. Whilst planning conditions dictated that the land had to be kept for use of residents it is still private land and if it is mistreated (for example leaving dog waste and/or litter), the land owners could potentially restrict our access to it.

So, have a wander down to the Western Mitigation Area (part of which is a wildlife conversation area) and enjoy the new benches!


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