Christmas Light Trail

It is so lovely to see the estate lit up when its dark! If you’d like to see all of the beautifully decorated houses then why not have a go at the Light Trail. The trail can be followed any time from today until 23rd December. The light bulbs on the map below πŸ’‘ show some of the decorated houses and the stars ⭐️ show where you will find a letter. Put all the letters together to create a festive word then enter the competition – more details on the map!

You can print the map yourself, screen shot the photo or save it to your phone or other device to follow as you walk. We are unable to provide printed maps this year. 😏

We will be having a community ‘Walkabout’ from 4.30pm on 20th December with ‘socially distanced’ carols round the Christmas tree from 5pm (please keep groups to 6 or less). Feel free to bring a hot drink along with you too as unfortunately we wont be able to serve any drinks or food this year as we have done in previous years.

The raffle will be drawn on 20th too and prizes distributed as soon after as possible so make sure to purchase any tickets by 8pm on 19th Dec to be included in this years draw.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!
Merry Christmas to you all from the CRCG 😊

Christmas Raffle!

We are holding our annual Christmas raffle but due to the current situation, we cannot sell tickets in person. Instead, tickets can be purchased via the Donate with Paypal button below:

Just make sure to add your initial and address as a note when paying so we can pop tickets through your door. If PayPal isn’t your thing you can put cash in an envelope with your name & address on the front, deliver to 85 or 89 Fairway Drive and we will pop tickets back through your door.

Tickets are only Β£1 per strip and can be purchased up until 19th December, the day before our Light Trail Walkabout on December 20th. Prizes will be drawn on that day and delivered soon after πŸ‘πŸ»

Profits from the raffle will go towards funding future events or buying items to enhance our estate such as lights for our lovely Christmas tree.

So far we have some lovely prizes with the top prize being a 2nd Generation Google Nest mini in Sky Blue. We also have a toy bundle, star necklace from Sophinity, wine and more… See the photos below πŸ™‚

We are still accepting donations for the raffle if anyone else would like to contribute, just let us know!

Community Group Update

Your community group is growing and we need more committee members to achieve the plans we have in mind. If you have extra time on your hands at the moment, why not use some of it by being part of our committee.

We have a number of community activities and events that we are trying to organise including the community garden, bird feeders and lots of other ideas we would like to share.

We have the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer open at the moment so please come forward if you would like to volunteer for those roles, or if you have less time and would just like to help out. Any time you can offer would be appreciated.

Please contact Carroll via or post a comment on the Channels Community Facebook Group.

Lottery Competition!

Just to show that it’s worth being a part of, there were 96 winners in the last draw, one of which was a supporter of the Channels Community Group! You can find the full results here.

Competition! If you enter before 19th December, you have the chance to win 1 of 5 entertainment bundles in the national draw!

So don’t forget that you can play from just Β£1 per week and 50% of proceeds for all tickets sold from the CRCG Essex Lottery Page comes to us plus 10% goes to other good causes in Essex!

The CRCG appreciates your support and good luck! πŸ™‚

‘On Demand’ Bus Service

Essex County Council is proposing to introduce a new Digital Demand Responsive Transport Service (D-DRT). Whilst details in relation to the proposed locations are unknown, it could see the introduction of an ‘Uber’ type bus service in our locality which you can book using an app.

Essex County Council is seeking the views of residents to this proposal and it is therefore well worth checking out the link below and completing a short survey to make your views known.

Complete the Residents Survey

Please note that this is not a full formal consultation, it is a research survey to obtain residents’ views on Digital Demand Responsive Transport (D-DRT). The survey closes on Sunday 1st November at midnight.

Chelmsford Garden Community

Chelmsford Garden Community is part of the City Council Local Plan and will create a community of around 10,000 new homes including new employment opportunities in north-east Chelmsford.

Channels is actually part of the wider Chelmsford Garden Community which contains three key areas including Beaulieu and the new North East Chelmsford Garden Village.

You can find out more information on the City Council website and there is also a website specifically for the new Chelmsford Garden Village which is slowly having more information added to it.

Chelmsford City Council Website

Chelmsford Garden Village Website

There is additionally a first edition of a new Chelmsford Garden Community Newsletter. It has been produced for members of the community to find out the latest information about the overall development.

Community Benches (Fountain Lake)

There are two new benches situated in a secluded position over-looking the fountain lake on the Eagle Rise/Aqua Verde part of the development for everyone to use and enjoy.

In late Spring we became aware of some available grant funding (Essex County Council Locality Fund) and following a discussion with County Councillor John Aldridge, he very kindly recommended that an award should be made for the provision of two benches.

A formal application was made at the end of July and within a week the CRCG had funds with which to order two benches for use by the community. When we asked for feedback about ideas for use of grant funding, a number of responses asked for benches over-looking the lake hence the proposal put to Councillor John Aldridge.

The CRCG would also like to thank directors of the Eagle Rise/Aqua Verde Residents Management Company (CCMC Ltd) for allowing the benches to be sited on their land.

The benches are durable, weather resistant, vandal proof and low maintenance. They are environmentally friendly being made from recycled materials and have a rustic look.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Andrew Wright
Channels Residents Community Group

Community Benches (Site Wide Land)

If you walk around the “Western Mitigation Area” at the western end of the Bellway Eagle Rise phase, you will now find 4 benches installed around the lake. We have been pushing for these to be installed by the landowners for the last year and whilst it has taken longer than we would have liked, the benches are now in place for everyone to enjoy. The location of the Western Mitigation Area and the benches are shown below:

The “Western Mitigation Area” is part of development-wide communal land and as such it not owned by any of the phase specific Residents Management Companies. Whilst planning conditions dictated that the land had to be kept for use of residents it is still private land and if it is mistreated (for example leaving dog waste and/or litter), the land owners could potentially restrict our access to it.

So, have a wander down to the Western Mitigation Area (part of which is a wildlife conversation area) and enjoy the new benches!


Bird Feeders Project

As you may be aware, we are taking forward a Community Garden Project and linked to this was a proposal to install bird feeders and bird boxes across the development to encourage more birds.

A natural bird feeder station, which will eventually be concreted in, has been installed along the southern border of Eagle Rise as an initial test so that we can monitor the way that wildlife reacts to it.

So far the cats don’t seem interested, the squirrel has not found it, and the pigeons cannot access the feeders! The birds have gone mad accessing it mostly during the day, but particularly first thing in the morning.

If the initial test feeding station proves successful longer term, the plan will be to install more bird feeders around the development at suitable locations.

We would also like to introduce an β€œadopt a bird feeder” system, so if anyone is interested in being involved with this, or if anyone has suggestions for additional locations, please do make contact via the form below. Please do not install anything without checking that the location is appropriate!

Information submitted via the above form will be used only for the purpose of contacting volunteers in relation to the Bird Feeders project.

Carroll Crumpen
Channels Residents Community Group

CRCG joins the Essex Lottery!

The Community Group is now a recognised ‘good cause’ and is part of the Essex Lottery! This means that you can buy tickets, have a chance of winning Β£25,000 and 50% of all ticket proceeds will come to the CRCG to further its aims & objectives for the benefit of the local community πŸ™‚

Just pop over to the CRCG Essex Lottery Page, become a supporter and buy some tickets!

Good luck πŸ™‚