Join in the Channels Jubilee Raffle!
£2 per ticket or £6 per strip of 5 tickets
Raffle Draw in the Jubilee Marquee at Channels Park: 10.00pm on 2nd June

Advance ticket sales have now finished. Tickets can only be purchased by cash on the night!.

  • Please ensure you fill in all details to ensure we know who has bought tickets.
  • Only residents of Channels are permitted to buy tickets in advance (that’s the law!).
  • Anyone can buy tickets at the event on Thursday 2nd June from 8pm-9pm.
  • We will take a screenshot of your tickets and e-mail this to you within 48 hours of funds received however that’s not a guarantee as committee members are all volunteers with other commitments. You will get your tickets! Look out for an e-mail from
  • Advance online tickets will only be available until midnight on Wednesday 1st June after which the donate links will be removed and tickets will need to be purchased at the event.
  • Tickets at the event will be cash only.
  • Ticket holders must be present at the draw on 2nd June at 10pm to choose a prize, otherwise winners will be allocated a prize at random!

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