Travel Plan Surveys

We have been advised that the survey company has put the wrong QR code on the leaflets that were delivered over the weekend, so the online survey we were directed to is not the one that we are supposed to complete.

As such, new leaflets will be delivered in the next few days so please disregard what you have received so far. We have been assured that the correct survey is short and easy to complete!

New Survey:

Original message from Transport Planning Associates:

In conjunction with Bellway Homes, Croudace Homes, Marden Homes and Home Group, Transport Planning Associates are co-ordinating a Travel Plan at the Channels development. This Travel Plan looks to promote sustainable transport for the residents at Channels.

During the week commencing 13th June 2022, Travel Surveys will be undertaken to understand existing travel patterns within Channels. As part of this process, each household will be asked to complete a short survey. This Travel Survey is designed to help us better understand your travel patterns, needs, and how we may be able to assist with your travel requirements. Therefore, to ensure your needs are considered, please fill out the Travel Survey by Friday 17th June 2022. Your comments and views are important to us so completion of the survey is crucial.

To say thank you for participating, all completed surveys will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Shopping voucher at Amazon. We appreciate all feedback and assure you that your answers will be kept confidential.

Thank you for your participation.
Kind regards
Laura Butcher | Assistant Transport Planner
Transport Planning Associates

Bulls Lodge Quarry: Traffic Mitigation Petition

Due to ongoing concerns raised over the excessive noise (and associated pollution) from the 250+ lorries that travel at speed along Channels Drive on a daily basis to/from Bulls Lodge Quarry, and following discussion with the two Parish Councils that cover our development, we have started a petition to push for mitigation measures to be put in place.

As you will see from the petition narrative, Hanson Aggregates who run the quarry have also applied for a license to extend operating times meaning an even greater volume of high-powered, noisy lorries passing through a single route, potentially from 3.30am in the morning including Saturdays.

The video below was taken at circa 7.15am on 19th May 2022 over a period of circa 5 minutes and gives an indication of the speed and underlying thundering noise of these high-powered vehicles. Note how significantly quieter the van towards the end of the video is (this could be regarded as ‘normal traffic’) in comparison.

When signing the petition (and if you are a Channels resident) please enter your locality in the City box i.e. Bellway, The Lanes, Pompadour, The Lakes, Wimbush Waters.

Thanks! 🙂

Channels Drive Roundabout

Residents will be aware that there have been discussions over the last couple of years about improving the look of the Channels Drive Roundabout, which is the main entrance point to the various localities that form the wider Channels development.

Historically the roundabout has been left unattended and has looked untidy and for the last year Channels Estates have been keeping the grass cut at their cost. There were initial discussions with the City Council, Marden Homes & Channels Estates almost two years ago about the possibility of the roundabout being planted (via sponsorship) to be in keeping with some of the other roundabouts in the surrounding area.

The good news is that after continued pestering and chasing, the City Council (in conjunction with Highways) have now given agreement in principle for the roundabout to be sponsored. This is conditional on the planting largely replicating that of the next roundabout along the RDR, some key paperwork being submitted and confirmation that the sponsors will continue to fund the ongoing maintenance.

The next step is for Channels Estates to arrange a Road Safety Audit with the Essex Highways Road safety Team and this is already underway. Once the Road Safety Audit is agreed, Channels Estates will formally apply to Chelmsford City Council to sponsor the roundabout and if successful with their application, the planting can take place.

At present Marden Homes are likely to fund the cost of the initial planting (which is hoped to take place in the Autumn) with Channels Estates taking over the ongoing maintenance costs. There will be no impact on residents, other than a much smarter roundabout to be proud of on the approach to Channels! It has taken some time however it was worth pursuing 🙂

Beaulieu Development Update

An update from Countryside covering the Beaulieu Development can be viewed/downloaded here.

Given that Beaulieu borders Channels, it’s useful to keep up to date with what’s going on and the update also contains some information about the Boreham Interchange works which are part of the wider plan leading to the RDR being opened in 2022.

North East Bypass & Station Update

You can currently view updates from ECC about the release of plans for the Chelmsford North East Bypass and Beaulieu Station through a specially created ‘virtual village hall’ event following the award of £218million of Government funding for the schemes.

To find out more information about the schemes please visit the Chelmsford North East Bypass website and visit the exhibition as if you were attending in person at the following link:

The virtual exhibition is optimised and therefore best viewed on a desktop/laptop rather than a mobile device.

North East Bypass & Station Update

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, planned engagement events in relation to the Chelmsford North East Bypass & Station project have been postponed. Further information on the £250 million road and rail upgrade for Chelmsford will be made available ahead of the bypass planning application early next year.

For now there is some updated information, including a newsletter and a short film explaining the scheme, which can be found at:

Bridleway Update

The City Council Parks Team were due to undertake work on the section of Bridleway 18 which connects Channels (Bellway Homes development) with Beaulieu between 2nd-6th March. The project had already been re-scheduled from mid-February due to the need for a Traffic Regulation Order to temporarily close the section of bridleway whilst the works to lay the new surface are in progress. There was also a need to discuss and agree a time-frame for the works with Cadent Gas who require access over the land to their gas compound.

Whilst the Traffic Regulation Order technically came into force from 2nd March the Parks team, despite their best efforts, have struggled to obtain a response from Cadent Gas despite chasing regularly and as such the works have been re-scheduled again to start on 9th March.

Update 9th March
Work has started! The City Council Parks Team estimate that it will take a week to complete the temporary surface upgrade. All being well residents will have a surfaced route, which can be used in all weathers, week commencing Monday 16th March. 🙂

Proposed 50MPH Speed Limits

For information, there is a Traffic Regulation Order proposal (TRAF/7221) listed on the Essex Highways website which introduces a 50mph speed limit on a number of roads (or sections of road) around Chelmsford. It mainly covers Chelmer Valley Road and Essex Regiment Way however Channels Drive is listed as follows:

“from its junction with the roundabout at A130 Essex Regiment Way, east for approximately 56 metres.”

The general intention of the order appears to be “to improve and regulate the wider management of traffic flows along the A1016 and A130 route into and out of Chelmsford City Centre” however it seems odd as to why traffic would travel at 50mph for 56m along Channels Drive especially as this location will become busier if planning for the proposed supermarket goes ahead. Additionally pedestrians are still walking down Channels Drive to the retail units on Essex Regiment Way although this will be hopefully be short term as a path is created through the parkland areas.

There are full details at:

Any comments or objections need to be forwarded by email to:

Pegasus Crossing Update

We have received an important update today in relation to the much needed crossing at the bottom of the bridleway, which runs adjacent to the Southern border of Eagle Rise (Bellway), to facilitate safe passage across Essex Regiment Way.

Essex County Council is now in a position where it can avoid a number of complex land issues (and potential public inquiry) which means that the Pegasus crossing design has commenced as it can now be delivered within Highway controlled land. This also means that the time-frame for delivery (i.e. design, tendering and installation) comes back into Council control.

As a result the project team has confirmed that the scheme will be out to tender in the spring with detailed design and approvals to follow. Dates for installation are not confirmed at this stage however it is hoped that construction would begin later this year and completed before the end of the 2020/21 financial year.

Many thanks to Cllr John Aldridge and Little Waltham Parish Council who have lobbed strongly on our behalf over recent months.


Bridleway Update

Further to the last update in mid January, the City Council Parks team have visited and inspected the section of Bridleway 18 which connects Channels (Bellway Homes development) with Beaulieu.

It has been agreed that they will undertake works to create a temporary surface, akin to that shown in the photo below. The material will ‘self-bind’ and is porous so as to avoid any excessive surface water build up although the texture and colour may vary slightly from the image.

As the bridleway is so muddy and boggy in places, some sections will have to be dug out completely in order to lay the new surface. The works will require a temporary closure of this section of the path for approximately one week due to the need for a mini digger and smaller site vehicles to access the bridleway and remove material.

Update 20th February 2020
The City Council has advised that the works are now scheduled to take place between 2nd-6th March. This is because there has been a need to apply for a traffic regulation order to temporarily close the section of bridleway whilst the works to lay the surface are in progress. There was also a need to discuss and agree a time-frame for the works with Cadent Gas who require access over the land to their gas compound.