Bulls Lodge Quarry: Traffic Mitigation Petition

Due to ongoing concerns raised over the excessive noise (and associated pollution) from the 250+ lorries that travel at speed along Channels Drive on a daily basis to/from Bulls Lodge Quarry, and following discussion with the two Parish Councils that cover our development, we have started a petition to push for mitigation measures to be put in place.


As you will see from the petition narrative, Hanson Aggregates who run the quarry have also applied for a license to extend operating times meaning an even greater volume of high-powered, noisy lorries passing through a single route, potentially from 3.30am in the morning including Saturdays.

The video below was taken at circa 7.15am on 19th May 2022 over a period of circa 5 minutes and gives an indication of the speed and underlying thundering noise of these high-powered vehicles. Note how significantly quieter the van towards the end of the video is (this could be regarded as ‘normal traffic’) in comparison.

When signing the petition (and if you are a Channels resident) please enter your locality in the City box i.e. Bellway, The Lanes, Pompadour, The Lakes, Wimbush Waters.

Thanks! 🙂

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