Highways Update

Residents will have noticed a lot of activity over the last week around the front of the development as large sections of footpaths have been replaced. The footpaths were not of an acceptable standard for Essex Highways due to an excessive number of joins, damage from vehicles and issues where there are connections to services.

To avoid further problems Bellway have elected to replace the entire length of the sections that have thus far been ‘patched up’. These works should be completed imminently.

Work is also due to start on the buff coloured tarmac path in Niblick Green that leads to the boundary with Beaulieu to repair some of the large cracks that have appeared. The paths throughout the central open space between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde will also be surfaced at the same time. This work is due to start on Thursday 1st August however it is weather dependent.

There will be some disruption to the area and you may therefore need to use one of the other bridle path links to access the play park and path to Beaulieu whilst the work is being undertaken.

There are still also many areas across the development where general remedial work is required. A number of issues including uneven surfaces, gaps between block paving, areas where water is pooling and excessive weed growth are being addressed across the site. Bellway are now working to a final deadline of 31st August to have all works completed ready for sign off by Essex Highways.

I undertook a walk-around with a Bellway representative on Monday 29th July who was well aware of absolutely everything that requires attention. As such, and unless there is a significant new problem that is identified, on-going issues in relation to general highways snagging do not need to be logged via the CRCG website as the RMC, POD Management and Bellway are fully aware of them and the overall situation will be continue to be monitored closely.

Andrew Wright
Channels Residents Community Group

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