Estates Update

Dear Residents,

As ever there has been a lot of activity ongoing in the background and you should begin to see some significant changes occurring over the coming weeks in relation to estate management. A number of meetings have taken place with the onsite project manager over the last couple of weeks and a detailed plan of action is being finalised which will cover all of the issues we have raised.

I am due to meet with the project manager again on Tuesday 2nd October to confirm that there are actions assigned to every issue and updates will be posted to the website on a regular basis to keep residents up to date as to when key work will progress and in which areas.

For example there is work due to begin on Monday 1st October to extend the wooden knee rails adjacent to Plot 67 either side of the new pedestrian walkway that links to the Bridle Path, remove excess concrete around knee rail posts (to allow grass to grow) and to fix a number of other knee rail issues such as poor installation.

Community Group representatives will also be meeting Bellway executives again on Tuesday 9th October by way of follow up to a meeting held in August. This will be to flag any outstanding concerns and to agree further action where necessary.

It has taken a number of months to reach this stage however I am sure residents will agree it has been time well spent. Watch this space for updates and do continue logging concerns as they are all noted and taken into consideration as part of the work that is being undertaken. If you have any other general feedback or comments, do not hesitate to get in contact.

Andrew Wright (Chair)
Channels Residents Community Group

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