Soil Testing

In response to some concerns raised recently in relation to contaminated soil on the development, Bellway have provided the following statement (which has also been given to the customer care team):

An undertaking was agreed with both the EHO and the NHBC at the start of this project to have a specialist consultant monitoring and signing off the suitability of the materials used on this site. The regime of monitoring was, that materials delivered to site for use in the gardens and open space were to be tested on site and validated to be fit for purpose. The validation process is stringent and needs to be in place to enable occupations and sign off.

We have incurred one issue on site within this process, where this was found to have not met the agreed criteria and as a result these areas were removed and replaced with appropriate controlled materials. We are confident that the monitoring process is working and all gardens have been checked.

The Technical Director from Bellway has stated that the above was an isolated incident, picked up as a result of the strict testing regime. The replacement soil subsequently passed all of the relevant testing criteria, as has every property on the site.

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