Estates Update

Bellway have now identified an on-site project manager to ensure that all remedial works are progressed. The project manager will also work with DJC Property Management to ensure remedial works are undertaken for the areas of the development that have already been handed over.

The Estates Committee have collated a detailed list (with photographic evidence) of all issues across the development and this has been further developed into a project plan which we will ask Bellway to populate, making clear exactly what action is to be taken for each issue. We will also use the project plan to monitor progress over the coming weeks.

An initial meeting was held with the project manager last week and we will meet again by the end of September to ensure the project plan is going to deliver against expectations.

Essex Highways have also undertaken an initial visit and have notified Bellway of a number of areas in relation to roads that require attention and we will also cross reference this to ensure everything is covered by the project plan.

Whilst residents may not yet have seen significant changes across the development, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes and once the project plan has been agreed, we should be able to advise as to when issues will be resolved.

Of course if you come across an issue that you do not believe has been raised before, make sure you log it and if it’s not on the list, we will vary the project plan accordingly.

Andrew Wright
Chair Channels Residents Community Group

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