Estates Update

There has been continued progress since the last update in relation to the estates position. We are now in regular contact with Bellway senior executives in addition to DJC Property Management and Committee Members are working hard to collate a detailed snagging/issues list which we intend to use to monitor progress over the coming weeks.

Bellway have provided us with an initial Schedule of Works however the Committee has not accepted this as a sufficiently detailed plan hence the need to produce our own snagging/issues list as a basis to work from.

Residents can be assured that there is a continued commitment by the Community Group to holding Bellway to account for delivering an estate we can be proud of. It does take time and Committee members have invested many hours to date so please be patient!

Residents should have now received a letter through their doors from Bellway explaining the works planned at the corner of Fairway Drive which are due to start on 6th September. This usual access route will be closed with an alternative route available as per the image below:

A number of residents have asked whether the alternative access route could remain open after the works have been completed. Bellway do not think that this is possible as the junction to junction distance is too close and as such this will not be acceptable to either the highways or the planning team.

Andrew Wright
Chair Channels Residents Community Group

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