Community Gardens

Almost two years ago the idea of having Community Garden areas was suggested. Over the last 18 months, and partly funded by grant monies with volunteer help, the first stage has been developed on the Bellway phase at the location shown below:

The intention was (and remains) that the garden areas promote community involvement, are for the enjoyment of the whole Channels development and if a success, can be developed across the wider estate.

As the areas that are currently being developed are on Management Company responsible land, directors have asked that a more formalised sub-committee of the CRCG jointly takes responsibility for management of the project to ensure consistency and continuity, especially in the event of key volunteers being unable to continue to provide input. This is necessary to minimise the risk of the land being left unmanaged which could lead to additional costs having to be covered by the Service Charge.

If you are willing to be part of a small CRCG aligned group that will jointly manage the project, please let us know by completing the form HERE.

If a sub-committee cannot be formed by 31st October, preparations will be made to return the land to it’s original state so please do get involved and keep the Community Gardens project alive!

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