Community Garden Management

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Community Gardens Management Committee. Please leave your details via the form below and someone will be in touch at the earliest opportunity!

The following principles must be observed:

  • There must be a group of named individuals (minimum of three) who jointly take responsibility for management of the project to ensure consistency and continuity, especially in the event of key volunteers being unable to continue to provide input.
  • There must be oversight from the CRCG Management Committee, not least as formal grant funding is still linked to the project which is in the CRCG name.
  • The project must not be linked to, merged with, or be marketed as a private club. It must remain as an inclusive CRCG led community-wide project for all to be involved with, in line with the CRCG Constitution.
  • The group should work as a sub-committee of the CRCG with a named individual who acts as liaison to the CRCG Management Committee. Ideally this individual will sit on the CRCG Management Committee in the capacity of ‘subject matter expert’ for the project and must have a CRCG contact address.
  • The named liaison must provide regular updates to the CRCG Management Committee and RMC Directors to evidence progress, future plans and to provide assurance that it will remain a ‘going concern’.
  • Any further proposed use of RMC owned land must be approved by RMC directors and a full plan provided before any new work begins.
  • If the project ceases, the CRCG shall be responsible, at it’s own cost, for returning all RMC owned land to it’s original condition.

Information submitted via the above form will be used only for the purpose of contacting volunteers in relation to the Community Gardens Management Committee.

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