Running & Riding!

As the community expands, and as people may be new to the area, I have set up two Facebook Groups and two Strava Clubs (one each for running and cycling) to facilitate the sharing of information.

This might simply be sharing favourite running or cycling routes or perhaps warning others when there are road closures, when the dreaded surface dressing is being undertaken on roads or where there are other issues on paths/bridleways etc. Of course, feel free to use the groups to discuss anything running or cycling related!

For Runners:
Facebook Group ¦ Strava Club

For Riders:
Facebook Group ¦ Strava Club

I am a triathlete so I do a fair bit of running & cycling so I will certainly be sharing some favourite routes. As the area around us develops, there are also some great combinations of running/walking routes appearing so be sure to share your favourites & experiences!

If you have never heard of Strava, you can find out all about it here!

Andrew Wright

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