New Service Charge Budgets

Dear Residents,

You will have either received, or will be receiving imminently, revised Service Charge Budgets (plus an invoice!) from DJC Property Management which sets out the budget and estimated estate management charges for the year 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019. The updated schedules will be uploaded to the website in due course so that they can be accessed for easy reference.

The main change is a small cost increase in relation to visits from the ecologist which are now taking place once every two weeks. We have a meeting with the ecologist set for 4th July to better understand the requirements that were set out in the original planning conditions, to be clear around what can and cannot be done with the land and to determine why there is a need for increased frequency of visits (leading to the increase in costs).

The next committee meeting for the Community Group is scheduled for Tuesday 26th June and we will post a progress update after this so residents can be kept information about our plan of action.

Don’t forget to continue logging estate management concerns that you would like us to take forward on your behalf.

Andrew Wright
On behalf of the Channels Residents Community Group

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