Public Art Update

As previously reported, Chelmsford City Council secured funding to enable the design and integration of public art into the Channels Development, with the aim of enhancing the character and identity of the development.

The project has now reached the stage of a formal planning submission 22/01621/FUL which the local population can comment on. You may have seen yellow notices appear around Channels Park in the last week.

The artist felt it was important to differentiate the style of sculpture with existing public art in the area. The general concept will be a giant mammoth rising up out of the ground which ties in with the preferred Ice Age theme and local geology in an original way. The proposed location is the bottom end of Channels Park as shown in the planning documents.

For ease of access to all of the planning documents (the City Council Planning Portal can be slow at times), these can be found on the CRCG Google Drive account HERE.

A key document to review is the detailed statement that explains the context and work undertaken to reach this stage which can be found HERE.

The City Council has posted an update on their website HERE.

The deadline for comments to the planning submission via the City Council Planning Portal is 14th October.

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