Channels Art: Resident Engagement

Resident Engagement Session
Thursday 10th March, 7.00pm via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 881 5091 8585
Passcode: 700586

Chelmsford City Council have secured funding to enable the design and integration of public art into the Channels Development, with the aim of enhancing the character and identity of the development ā€“ making this a unique and inspiring place of which the local community can be proud.

The CRCG is part of the Public Art Steering Group and we have agreed to arrange an initial online engagement session so that residents can meet the artist and provide feedback as to how the project should progress. The Project Brief can be viewed or downloaded for information.

The session will provide an opportunity for the artist, Michael Condron, to introduce himself and share his thoughts. A representative from GeoEssex will also give a short presentation on “Ice Age Channels” to set the scene as this is will be the general theme for the artwork.

There is information on this website about the local history of Channels and the website for the artist can be found at

It is important that as many residents as possible get involved during the consultation period to ensure that the art proposals truly reflect the identity of the area and so that we can all take ownership, pride and care in the artwork and associated public open spaces.

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