Brown Tail Moth Caterpillars

We have received confirmation that there are Brown Tail Moth caterpillars on the development which can cause an allergic reaction if touched. At present they have been found nesting in one tree on the communal area between Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde:

In addition they have been found nesting in the hedgerow that runs along the border of Channels Drive, into the Bellway estate area and along the stretch of Fairway Drive opposite the bowls club.

The larvae are dark brown and hairy with a series of white marks down the side and a characteristic pair of orangey-red ‘warts’ at the rear end.

They spend the winter months in tough webbing nests and emerge in spring to feed communally until about the end of May. Although occasionally found on oaks, brown-tail moth larvae are much more common on hedgerow trees such as blackthorn and hawthorn or on scrubby plants, especially bramble.

The hairs of these larvae can provoke an allergic reaction, so contact with the larvae or their nests should be avoided.

Channels Estates will be treating all infestation sites imminently and will ensure that clear signage is visible when doing so. Until the issue has been completely dealt with, please stay away from any areas where the nests are evident and take extra care when near the hedgerow as there is a greater risk of brushing against them.

If you come across similar infestations in other locations across the wider development, please flag it via the form below:

Please note that the above form should only be completed for sightings of the Brown Tailed Moth caterpillar on communal land!

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