Landscaping Preparation

Please note that a large area of land (shown in the images below) is currently being prepared prior to handover to the RMC. We have pushed Bellway hard recently to ensure that the land is prepared to the requisite standard and this has led to the delivery and laying of new topsoil before seeding of the grass takes place. Frequent watering will be undertaken over the coming weeks to ensure the grass can become established.

The area needs to be free from any form of human traffic and as such residents (and anyone else) should refrain from walking or cycling over it at any time.

Bellway will be leaving the site imminently and once the land is deemed to have been prepared appropriately, it will be handed over to the RMC and new managing agent (once formally appointed).

It is important to note that from the point of handover to the RMC, any further remedial work required to ensure the land can be maintained in line with the agreed Grounds Maintenance Specification will be at the expense of residents via the annual service charge.

It is therefore in our interests to ensure that the area is left to become established so that it can be enjoyed by all in the future!

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