Phase 4/Marden Homes Development

We have received confirmation that Marden Homes will begin construction of ‘Phase 4’ around the large lake to the side of Channels Drive in June 2019. You may have noticed that hoarding has been erected and that some ground preparation has already started to take place.

For reference, the approved ‘Construction Method Statement’ can be found here and the Construction Management Plan/Site map (also contained within the full document) is shown below:

There is clearly going to be an increase of heavy plant and contractor traffic along Channels Drive and the time-frame for completion is likely to be circa 18-24 months. If there issues that adversely impact on Bellway residents arising from the construction work, this can be fed back to Marden via site wide meetings that take place on a regular basis.

If you do need to report an issue, please do so using the Log A Concern form via this website.

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