Fire Safety Concerns

For reference purposes, please see a response from Bellway Head Office in response to questions raised following the recent BBC investigation:

I write to acknowledge receipt of your message, highlighting your concerns with the content of recent media articles relating to firestopping and cavity barriers on a Bellway Homes development in Scotland.

West Lothian Development
Bellway can confirm that the properties in question have now been the subject of inspections carried out by an independent Chartered Fire Engineer. While we will not have the full report from this inspection until sometime in the next week, we have been advised that the minor gaps between the cavity barriers and firestops reported by the BBC will not affect the statutory time required for safe evacuation of the building, should a fire break out in any of the internal compartments of the home. There are no materials or components in the wall cavity capable of igniting a fire in the cavity in any of our homes and the cavity barriers and firestopping in this area are designed to impede the spread of smoke and flames through the separated compartments of the wall cavity.

The specific development in question has been constructed using materials and details which are completely different from those used in most of the homes constructed by Bellway in England and Wales.

Your Home
The structural element of your home is constructed using masonry blocks or a similar inert material. This construction method does not require the compartmentalisation of the cavity required in the homes in question in Scotland and for this reason we are able to reassure you that your home is not affected by this issue.

Should you be unaware of the nature of the construction of your new home, please consult the documentation provided at handover or alternatively, contact your divisional customer care team for clarification.

We understand that these news articles are highly alarming for all residents of new homes and I hope that the above statement has allayed any fears you may have over the safety and construction of your Bellway home.

Yours sincerely

John Enright
Group Head of Customer Care
0191 217 0717

Bellway Homes Limited (Head Office)
Seaton Burn House
Dudley Lane
Seaton Burn
Newcastle upon Tyne

NE13 6BE

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