Parish Boundaries Update

Dear Residents,

Thanks to everyone who voted in the ‘unofficial’ survey asking which Parish Council area you believe we should fall within. The overwhelming majority of responses (98%) was a preference for Little Waltham with every respondent noting that they would be happy to sign a petition to trigger the formal process of amending the parish boundaries.

Little Waltham Parish Council, at their meeting on 4th December, formally supported this course of action and have written to the City Council accordingly noting the requirement for a Community Governance Review.

Whilst the survey was clearly representative of local views, legislation requires that any petition submitted must be paper based with ‘wet ink’ signatures. We will therefore be undertaking an exercise to collect signatures on the formal petition in due course.

It is important to note that not every resident is potentially registered as a Local Government Elector as there is always a state of flux between those who are registered, those who have just moved in but are yet to register, and those who the council have sent forms to that have not responded.

You must register again if you’ve changed address and if you believe you are not registered for any reason, the easiest way to do so is via

The information originally posted explaining the rationale for the change of boundaries can be found here. The Parish Council is very keen to begin a new era with the Channels development becoming part of their Parish area.

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