Estates Update

Dear Residents,

There have been many hours spent over the last month, working with both Bellway and DJC Property Management, in producing a Remedial Works Plan that can be robustly monitored to ensure that all of the estates & landscaping issues are resolved in line with expectations.

As many of the remedial works are nearing completion, we will hold a number of ‘handover’ meetings with both Bellway & DJC, the first of which is to take place on 22nd November.

Areas that have been flagged as complete will be inspected by senior Bellway executives and members of the Community Group. For areas that are not yet managed by DJC, and on the basis there are no outstanding issues to resolve, sign off will trigger the process of handing over the land to DJC for on-going management. For areas that are already managed by DJC, sign off will confirm that the land is fit for purpose for on-going management by DJC in line with the budget that has been set.

There have unfortunately been some unforeseen issues with connection of a number of lamp posts and we are awaiting a further update, although most of Fairway Drive should now be connected. Remedial landscaping works around Niblick Green have also been delayed as Bellway is awaiting confirmation from Highways as to whether the tarmac path (leading to the boundary with Countryside) needs to be completely pulled up and re-laid.

You may also have noticed a number of blue dots and markings on the roads across the development. This is as a result of an extensive highways snagging programme currently underway so wherever you see these, it means remedial work will be required. The snagging process is being undertaken to a far more detailed level than even we flagged and currently circa 40% of the development has been checked. Once the final highways snagging report has been completed, we will have a better idea of where and when works will be taking place however all of it is planned for completion by mid-December.

We are in constant contact with both Bellway & DJC and further updates will be posted in relation to progress. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to use the Contact Form on the website and as always if you have any specific concerns in relation to estate management, you can log them here.

Andrew Wright
Channels Residents Community Group

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