Committee Meeting Update

Dear Residents,

The Estate Committee members met on Tuesday 26th June to discuss progress and next steps to take forward our action plan. The following is a summary of key upadates:

Estate Management Report
We are aiming to complete a detailed report for presentation to Bellway within the next couple of weeks which will flag all of the issues that we believe exist in relation to the condition and quality of the estate. This is progressing well and we have plenty of evidence by way of photos as well as the concerns that are being logged by residents.

DJC Property Management Meeting
We have a meeting scheduled with DJC Property Management on Monday 2nd July. This is to keep DJC informed of our action plan, to discuss those areas we feel are not being progressed in line with the service summary and to understand the issues with handover of land areas that are currently not being maintained.

Ecologist Meeting
We have a meeting scheduled with the ecologist for Wednesday 4th July. The objective is to understand the conditions of the original planning requirements, what can and cannot be done with the ‘managed areas’ of land, what the ecologist is actually doing and the rationale for the increase in costs with effect from 1st July.

Please do continue logging your concerns, even if you think someone else might have already done so. We are logging everything and we will be including an Issues Log as an appendix to the Estate Management Report which will provide good evidence as to the strength of feeling generally.

Andrew Wright
On behalf of the Channels Residents Community Group

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