Defib Site Check Rota

The site check can be undertaken at any time over each weekend however please ensure it is logged on the WebNos system by midnight on the Sunday of each weekend. If circumstances change and you cannot undertake the site check on one of the dates allocated, please flag in the WhatsApp group.

07/01/23: Melanie
14/01/23: Melissa
21/01/23: Angela
28/01/23: Karen
04/02/23: Peter
11/02/23: Andrew
18/02/23: Melanie
25/02/23: Jennie
04/03/23: Andrew
11/03/23: Dilip
18/03/23: Antony
25/03/23: Karen
01/04/23: Angela

You can find the step by step guide HERE including the answers that you need to submit on the system assuming all is well. If you have any concerns whatsoever following an inspection, either post a message on the WhatsApp group or drop an e-mail to

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