Defib Site Checks

Login to WebNos System at

Once logged in, you will see a page listing all devices you are linked to. Click on the device image:

You will see a page showing our device and its location:

Scroll down until you see the following options and click on “Site Check“:

You may see that the date of the “Next Check Due” is 1 month from the last submitted report. Ignore this as we have agreed with the Community Heartbeat Trust to undertake checks on a weekly basis.

The cabinet code is C1267. Please do NOT pass this code onto anyone else.

A series of questions will need to be answered. If there are no issues, the following options will be chosen:

  • Does the Defibrillator have a cabinet? YES
  • Is the cabinet door operational? OK OPENS FINE
  • Do all the lock buttons press ok? YES ALL OK
  • Is there any sign of water in the cabinet or bag? OK CLEAR
  • Is the light working? NOT APPLICABLE
  • Is the thermostat set for 7+ degrees? NOT APPLICABLE
  • Ready Indicator Status: OK
  • Is your battery inserted and has power? YES ALL OK
  • Are the main pads connected and in date? YES
  • Is the rescue/ready kit with the defib? YES ALL OK

If there are any issues, choose the appropriate option. For reference, the full set of questions and options can be viewed HERE.

Submit the report:

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