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You will recall during the summer of 2019 that Bellway residents, and other members of the ‘Bellway at Channels’ Facebook group, were asked to assist in deciding the best way forward in terms of representing our Channels community on Facebook. This was due in part to the apparent increase in members from other areas and an increase in advertising from businesses with no connection to Channels or the local community, some of which was also targeted at individual group members.

The majority of members (77 votes) chose Option 1;

Create a new Bellway specific Facebook Group and admit members to that group via a small number of validation rules to ensure only Bellway residents become members. The existing group would continue and could grow as a wider Channels group (including Croudace and Pompadour areas)“.

Since the above vote, and following further discussion with Croudace representatives, the consensus was that each development ‘parcel’ should have its own Facebook group, with a wider ‘Channels Community’ group available for use by all residents to share relevant information about Channels, site-wide issues and more importantly to assist in building the wider community.

As such, each locality will manage its own Facebook group, with questions asked of applicants to ensure only residents of that development ‘parcel’ are admitted. There is already a Croudace (The Lanes) specific group in place with Bellway (Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde) and Persona/HomeGroup (Pompadour) specific groups due to go live from 1st January 2020. The founders of the existing ‘Bellway at Channels’ group will continue to be actively involved with the new Bellway specific group.

As noted above, a new Channels wide group will be opened with questions asked as part of the joining process. However as membership of the locality specific groups will be closely managed, it is possible that all members of those groups can be pre-approved as members of the Channels wide one.

The existing ‘Bellway at Channels’ group will remain open as a useful archive of information however it will be closed to new members or posts with effect from 12th January 2020.

To summarise, all Channels residents have the opportunity to become members of 2 key groups, their locality one and a development-wide one. New groups are required as it is impossible to verify which members of the existing ‘Bellway at Channels’ Facebook group are not residents.

Action Required
Existing members of the ‘Bellway at Channels’ Facebook Group should visit one of the new locality groups listed below and request to join:

Eagle Rise & Aqua Verde (Bellway)
The Lanes (Croudace)
Pompadour (Persona/Home Group)

Membership approval will involve acknowledgement of the group rules and the requirement to answer three questions to assist admins in determining whether a potential member is a resident.

Once the above groups become populated, members will either be pre-approved for membership of the development wide Channels Community Group or will be accepted following an approved request to join. A summary of the new groups can be found here.

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