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About Community Defibrillators Video
The video below provides information about community defibrillators, how they work, steps to follow in a rescue and a demonstration of the Zoll AED3, the model that we will have installed.

Key timestamps are as follows:

01:00 Are you covered legally?
03:30 How do defibrillators work? – Cardiac Arrest
07:50 What to do when someone is in Cardiac Arrest
10:30 DRS ABCD Steps in a rescue
14:00 CPR demonstration – Chest compressions
21:10 ZOLL AED 3 Demo

How to Save a Life with CPR & a Defibrillator

Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest?
The image below noting the differences between a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest, and the key actions to take, can be viewed or downloaded as a full size PDF file HERE.

The image below noting the key steps and actions to take in a rescue can be viewed or downloaded as a full size PDF file HERE.

How a Community Defibrillator is Activated
A more detailed explanation of how a community defibrillator is activated can be viewed and/or downloaded for reference (pdf file) HERE.

National Defibrillator Database
The NDDB website shows the position of all defibrillators registered via the NDDB, or via the Community Heartbeat Trust Governance database. Our defibrillator is listed on the database HERE.

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