Channels Jubilee Beacon

The idea of being part of the global celebration was first suggested by Andrew Wright (acting Chair of Channels Residents Community Group) during the summer of 2021 and with positive feedback received, he set about scoping what would be involved.

It was felt that holding a Jubilee Beacon lighting event would provide something special for the community on a unique occasion with the beacon becoming a permanent landmark feature in the area for all to enjoy both during the Jubilee celebrations and in the future.

Securing funding for the beacon was a protracted process however the total required was confirmed in early April and the task of sourcing materials ready for build and installation began immediately. The beacon will be situated in Channels Park at a location that is both safe and yet gives great views across Chelmsford and beyond. Once lit, it should be visible from many surrounding communities.

The image below shows where the Beacon will be located and everyone who attends the lighting ceremony will get a fantastic view from the lit path and grass area beneath, meaning nobody needs to be near it whilst lit (good for health & safety)!

Our Beacon Brazier (i.e. with a metal shield) is being built by local craftsmen to a specific plan:

Channels Residents Community Group would like to thank the following local organisations as without their generous donations, the Platinum Jubilee Beacon could not have become a reality:

  • Channels Community Stewardship CIC
  • Little Waltham Parish Council
  • Broomfield Parish Council
  • Remus Management Ltd
  • Marden Homes

Keep an eye out for news and announcements about the event! 🙂

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