Parking Issues

Private Road: Niblick Green
Further to an earlier message about Private Roads, residents in Niblick Green are still experiencing issues with cars being parked on what is a private stretch of road.

The issue appears to have started since the new play park opened up at the end of June and it is causing problems for residents who are struggling to get on and off of their driveways. Additionally cars are also parking on the grass area which is likely to cause damage to an area that has already been subject to remedial works over recent months.

The stretch of road, turning head and grass areas at the very end of Niblick Green (see images below) should not be used for general parking.

As noted above, remedial works have already taken place on the grass areas as part of the process of bringing the general landscaping up to the required standard however if these areas are damaged by cars parking on them, the cost of further remedial works will fall to residents via the service charge.

The paved section of road at the end of Niblick Green will not be adopted by highways and is actually the private property of the residents that live there. The owners of these properties have to pay directly for the maintenance and upkeep of the paved road.

Signage will be installed imminently to make this clear, especially to those that may be visiting the play park from outside the development and who do not realise the area is private land.

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