Ptarmigan Land Update (New Homes)

Dear Channels Resident,

As you may be aware, Ptarmigan Land form part of a consortium of promoters and developers, who over the next 20 years, will deliver Chelmsford Garden Community; building on the legacy that is being created at Beaulieu and Channels. The Garden Community has been allocated within Chelmsford City Council’s Local Plan to deliver an exemplar, comprehensively planned new, sustainable Garden Community that will provide much needed housing, employment and sustainable travel opportunities within a high quality landscaped setting.

In accordance with the Local Plan, a master plan is currently being prepared in close association with Chelmsford City Council and Essex County Council. This will comprise a Development Framework Document, which will guide all future planning applications located within the Garden Community, and will be supported by an Infrastructure Delivery Plan and Planning Framework Agreement, which will ensure that all of the essential infrastructure is delivered in a timely manner.

In total, the Garden Community will deliver around 5,500 new homes, in addition to those already established at Beaulieu and Channels. For our part, Ptarmigan Land will bring forward an outline planning application, with all matters reserved, other than access, for a mixed use scheme comprising up to 1,500 new homes, commercial and community uses, formal and informal open space, supporting transport infrastructure and the safeguarding of land for the potential expansion of the existing Chelmer Valley Park and Ride, to view the proposed red line boundary, please see the plan below:

In preparation for this and in association with Trium Environmental Consulting, we will shortly be submitting an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Request to Chelmsford City Council, to confirm with the Authority, the scope of technical information to be included in an Environmental Statement that will accompany a future planning application. This is a common piece of work for any development of this nature and certainly does not seek to pre-empt the current on-going master plan process that is currently being undertaken, nor the final proposals for the future planning application, which will be the subject of more detailed public consultation and stakeholder engagement. The EIA Scoping Request will simply ensure that Chelmsford City Council, as the ‘competent authority’, are provided with all of the necessary technical information and assessments they will require to consider the likely significant environmental effects of the proposed development and how these may be addressed through the planning process.

Whilst this is not a planning application, Chelmsford City Council will be required to consult on the EIA Scoping Request and therefore I wanted to make you aware of this submission before it enters the public domain. The EIA Scoping Request will be made available on Chelmsford City Council’s website in the coming weeks. Should you have any queries on this process, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss these further.

Best Regards

Olly Buck Dip.TP MRTPI

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