Parish Boundaries

Explanatory Notes:

  1. Everything within the outer red line is classed as the ‘Channels Development’.
  2. The entire area has been planned and is being built as a unique community and its rural nature identifies with Little Waltham (and geographically).
  3. The area within the thick black line represents those localities currently inhabited (both of the Bellway phases and some of the Croudace phase) which currently fall under the Broomfield Parish.
  4. The area within the thick amber line represents a building phase (Marden Homes) which will also fall within the Broomfield Parish.
  5. All other localities within the outer red line (including public open spaces) falls, at present, under the Little Waltham Parish.
  6. A Petition has been submitted which requests that the Little Waltham Parish boundary extends to include both of the marked areas noted in (3) & (4) above to ensure that the entire Channels Development falls within the Little Waltham Parish.

Information about the Parish Boundary petition can be found here.

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