Coronavirus Support

Dear residents of Channels & the wider Little Waltham Parish,

You may be aware that Essex County Council and Public Health England have launched an initiative called Essex Coronavirus Action which will work in partnership with Facebook, local Facebook Admins and Community Groups to develop a social media campaign that seeks to build community resilience during this difficult period.

The initiative has launched with an over-arching Facebook page, which has been authenticated by Facebook with the blue ticks to endorse it as a validated and secure information source.

Essex Coronavirus Action looks to carry out three core objectives in relation to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak: PREVENT, INFORM and ASSIST.

The latest NHS-approved advice about how to avoid exposing yourself to Covid-19 and passing it on to other more vulnerable people.

The latest information to debunk the many viral myths on social media about Covid-19.

A local authority-backed mobilisation of local Facebook groups to ensure that the most vulnerable members of Essex and their carers get the urgent help that they need, both practically and emotionally. Assist is a key part of the approach and people can register their interest as a volunteer.

The initiative ensures that there is a robust and validated way to disseminate information and a coordinated approach to getting assistance to where it is needed.

The Channels Residents Community Group has linked with Essex Coronavirus Action who in turn will connect us with volunteers in our area, connect us with other like-minded people for support and ensure we have access to the latest information.

We have set up a new Facebook Group, Channels Community Coronavirus Support Network, which is a place where all discussion about Coronavirus across our community can take place (so that the other groups don’t get swamped) and where residents can ask for, or offer, support.

Visit Essex Coronavirus Action

Like the page and please if you can, register as a volunteer. This will be the only place you will need to obtain information from about COVID-19.For ease, the links for volunteer registration are as follows: (Individuals) (Businesses)

Join the new Channels Coronavirus Support Group at:

If you are a member of the Channels Community, Channels Residents (Bellway) or Channels Residents (Pompadour) groups, you will be automatically approved when you ask to join. If you are a member of Little Waltham Parish Group, The Lanes group or if you are not a member of any other related group, you will need to ask a question prior to being approved.

If you would like to assist the CRCG in liaising with Essex Coronavirus Action as part of the overall coordinated approach, please fill in the contact form below.

Information submitted via the above form will be held only for the purpose of gathering together local residents to assist in managing the Support Network. No personal information will be given to any third party.

As we find out more about the volunteer network across our area, we will make this information known via the new Facebook Group. However until then, do use the group, stay safe and help each other out.