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The Channels development is currently split across two Parish Councils, Little Waltham and Broomfield. Both Broomfield and Little Waltham are in the same parliamentary constituency of Saffron Walden and both currently sit within the City Council & County Council wards of ‘Broomfield and The Walthams’.

The Parish magazines for both Little Waltham & Broomfield are available for viewing and/or download via the GoogleDrive links below:

Little Waltham

Contact details of the Parish Clerks are as follows:

Little Waltham
Suzanne Walker
01376 331251

Mark Hembury
01245 441660

Which Parish do you sit in?
The Bellway Homes development comprising Brassie Wood, Fairway Drive, Jigger Gardens, Mashie Link and Niblick Green all fall within the Parish of Broomfield. Those residents living in 6-12 evens and 13-23 odds of Birdie Close on the Croudace part of the development also fall within the Parish of Broomfield.

The Croudace Homes properties (Albatross Way, Birdie Close, Condor Way) are in the Parish of Little Waltham together with existing roads of Domsey Lane and Belstead’s Farm Lane. The HomeGroup properties being built behind the Croudace development (Pompadour) and on Belstead’s Farm Lane on the way to Channels Golf Club will all be in the Little Waltham Parish.

At the far end of that development there is the junction of 3 Parish Boundaries so some of the new properties yet to be built may fall into Little Waltham, Broomfied or Springfield depending on the precise development plan.

Chelmsford City Council is carrying out a review of the way decisions are made on local issues. This process, called a ‘Community Governance Review’, will look at whether a parish council should be created in unparished areas or whether changes need to be made to an existing parish.

Two years ago the Community Group attempted to invoke a Community Governance Review on the basis that the Channels development is split between the Parish of Broomfield & the Parish of Little Waltham. Due to a number of factors, the review was not invoked and once we became aware that a wider review was to take place across Chelmsford, there was no point in continuing with our own process.

We currently have three residents that sit on Little Waltham Parish Council although recently we have been working with Broomfield Parish Council on a number of projects. A visual explanation of the current Parish Boundaries can be found here .

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